Radio 2
Live in Hyde Park

After securing a place on the BBC design roster in February 2017,
we successfully pitched for a project which was to create a new identity
and communications for BBC Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park.


For the past few years, Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park has had the same look and feel.
They wanted something that would appeal to the new and slightly younger target audience.
 A design that would signal a change in direction for the event as the
acts they had booked this year also reflected that change in target audience.

The illustrative style and colour palette create an enchanted forest feel which is family-friendly,
upbeat and celebratory. But most of all it is embedded in the iconic Hyde Park environment.


Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 14.09.46.png

Client: BBC Radio 2
Agency: Cheetham Bell JWT
Head Of Design: Sam Sargent
Animation: Jim Campbell

My Role: Lead Designer