TATE Liverpool:
Transmitting Andy Warhol


‘Transmitting Andy Warhol’ was his first solo exhibition in the North,
and among the 100 artworks he bought another legend, Marilyn Monroe.
It was my job to launch this prestigious exhibition.

Warhol Metro 1.jpg

I used the free Metro in Liverpool as my canvas; a fitting medium for an artist
who believed in the power of mass production, and that art should be enjoyed by all. 
The wrap was designed to represent Warhol’s pop-art style.

The replication of the Metro logo across the entire wrap characterises famous
works such as Campbells’s Soup where the repetition of logos are used. The colours used
in each Metro logo mirrored those used in his famous series of Marilyn studies.


Client: TATE Liverpool
Agency: Cheetham Bell JWT
Head Of Design: Tony Perry
My Role: Lead Designer

Received a nomination for Most Creative Use of Media at the Rose’s Creative Awards 2015.